3 Effective Ways To Develop Your Business Persona

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The reason companies like Apple and Facebook have become celebrity companies is that they have a particular persona. As you would expect, it’s the CEO that projects this forward to the masses. Steve Jobs created the nerdy minimalist entrepreneur look that sent positive shockwaves throughout the big tech sector.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s life story was made into a movie called The Social Network. The business ‘persona’ is an incredibly powerful tool that most companies don’t figure out how to make.

Take a look at large brands such as Mercedes, Samsung, DHL and Specsavers. None of these brands has a persona which you could say, projects the image of the company in one fell swoop. It’s not easy but it’s not impossible either.

1. The Nespresso route

If there’s one surefire way you can create a business persona, it’s the celebrity endorsement strategy.

Take a look at Nestle’s Nespresso product and see how they cultivated a suave, sophisticated and confident persona by using George Clooney as their figurehead.

The video advertisements they created showed Clooney well-dressed in a suit, and rather than going to a coffee shop, made a cup of Nespresso at home.

When you think of this brand, you instantly think of a mature successful person. This makes you want to aspire to that same standard and thus, you connect your personal ambitions with the coffee. It becomes the drink you have in the morning, before setting off to work.

The celebrity endorsement route is definitely one which you should consider.

2. Crafting from scratch

What if you don’t want to put yourself forward as the CEO? What if you don’t want to have any recognizable face as the image of your company?

Crafting your persona from scratch is a tall order but it’s nothing you should shy away from. Speak with an SEO expert that is versed in superb content creation with the aim of creating a persona of your business. They will sit down with you, get to know more about you as a person and your business.

When it comes to writing blog content, they will put themselves in your mind and write posts that speak with your voice. They will know how to write confident and quirky content, with great detail and direction of the narrative you wish to express. You should hire them as part of your content schedule, so they can release content according to your marketing schedule.

3. Product the right imagery

Investing in your marketing graphics will enhance your persona in different ways. For one, you will develop a particular visual style, with various colour themes, fonts and effects.

Think carefully about the images you make for your PPC, swipe and scroll ads on social media. The subject of the image is important, but it’s also about framing, size and what you’re trying to convey with as few words as possible, that will stand out the most.

Company personas are very powerful marketing tools. Customers will want to connect with your business when they feel they can relate to you.

What are you doing to develop your company persona?

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